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Retail/resell jigsaw puzzles

Start making money today by selling our resell jigsaw puzzles. No quantity is too small to ignore nor too large to handle.

PRpuzzle sells retail/resell jigsaw puzzles. We target people who are making money or want to make money from selling online puzzles in small scale.

What it takes to be a retail jigsaw puzzle retailer

As an online site that sells puzzles in bulk or in few numbers to different organisations, we understand that retailing jigsaw puzzles is just like reselling any other service or product.

Engaging in this business calls for someone who has passion for the complexity and fun in jigsaw puzzles. We will help you turn that passion into really good money. As long as you have the goodwill, these retail/resell puzzles jigsaw puzzles will provide you a job opportunity. You can also be an employer and help a few unemployed people.

We advise that apart from passion, you need to be enthusiastic about the puzzles. You can have the passion but are you resilient enough to bring in clients? Thus, combine the two characters and shop at PRpuzzle for an amazing business experience.

The difference between retail and wholesale jigsaw puzzles

The contrast between these two is simple: for retail you are buying the puzzles in small amounts to sell in small numbers or even as one puzzle at a time while for wholesale you buy in bulk to sell to others in bulk.

Therefore, unless you have a big market for wholesale puzzles, go for the retail/resell jigsaw puzzles option.

There is a small difference regarding the price of the retail/resell jigsaw puzzles and the wholesale ones. At PRpuzzle, we will sell you the puzzles in bulk but the cost will be different because of the amount of puzzles you will buy. You will be left with a good profit margin and we can assure you that people love our jigsaw puzzles.

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To order promotional jigsaw puzzles, choose jigsaw size. You can choose a variety of jigsaw puzzle piece count.