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Promotional jigsaw puzzles

How can you deliver your marketing message in an exciting, interesting way? Send your business partners and customers a promotional jigsaw puzzle! PRpuzzle offers you a brand new promotional material in promotional jigsaw puzzles.

Use promotional jigsaw puzzles for your business

Promo jigsaw puzzles can be used as corporative gifts, as advertising gifts, and as a personalised promotional material. You can use these marketing materials within your marketing campaign to promote your business and raise the awareness of not only your existing customers but your potential customers as well. Personalised promotional jigsaw puzzles made by PRpuzzle will attract your customers’ attention because when putting the puzzle together piece by piece, not only will they assemble the jigsaw but also your promotional message.

Promotional jigsaw puzzles are made from the highest quality materials, such as blue ESKA puzzle cardboard, which is meant precisely for jigsaw puzzle production. High-quality polymer self-adhesive film with your marketing message is then mounted on the cardboard. Promotional jigsaw puzzles made by PRpuzzle are coated with laminating film, either gloss or matte, depending on your choice, making your promotional items even more specific.

PRpuzzle offers personalised promotional jigsaw puzzles in different sizes with different numbers of pieces to fulfil your specific requirements.

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To order promotional jigsaw puzzles, choose jigsaw size. You can choose a variety of jigsaw puzzle piece count.