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Privacy Policy

We at PRpuzzle promise and guarantee never to share or sell your personal information to any person or to any website. The only information we require is that which is necessary to process your order efficiently. Any other information is voluntary.

We may occasionally email you with special offers and information about new services on our website. If you receive these, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe yourself from any further messages in each e-mail you receive. Please be assured that our aim is not in any way to invade your privacy but rather to inform you of items that, given your experience in dealing with PRpuzzle, may enhance your business still further.

When you submit your data, we will use this for billing and invoices. When making a bank transaction (wire transfer) to our bank account, protection of your payment and data should be guaranteed by the payer’s bank.

Intellectual property

This website is managed by PRpuzzle. PRpuzzle owns all of the contents of this website, including, but not limited to, images, banners, and texts. It is forbidden to republish, edit, or in any other way make changes to the contents of this website without the written permission of PRpuzzle.


The user has all rights and carries ownership of the submitted files. The user must not submit files that he or she has no rights to. If the user is unaware of the copyrights for the files but still submits them, the user takes full responsibility if any issues arise from this. When submitting files, the user agrees that the files can be used in the marketing activities of PRpuzzle. If the files submitted should not be used by PRpuzzle in their marketing activities, the user must inform PRpuzzle in writing via e-mail.