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Crowd funding jigsaw puzzles

To help you raise money through crowd funding for the charity or other project that you have in mind, you will need to use extraordinary means and crowd funding jigsaw puzzles are a good place to start.

The term crowd funding refers to get small amounts of money from a large group of people. In this regard, the crowd funding jigsaw puzzles that we bring you at PRpuzzle are intended to help you raise funds.

Try them out

At PRpuzzle we have come to the realisation that most companies are moving toward crowd funding away from the norm that was obtaining large amount of money from a small group of people. It is this change that has influenced us to create jigsaw puzzles that will aid in crowd funding.

We offer jigsaw puzzles that are of different shapes that recur and easily interlock in various ways to ensure that you solve the puzzle. The puzzles can be custom made depending on the target group and also the type of funding that you are seeking from the public.

Crowd funding puzzles can be used by organisations such as charity organisation, schools seeking funds for a certain project, the city council when seeking fund to renovate something and many more. Those attending the fundraiser pay a certain amount per piece and in the end the puzzle raises money.

Make your crowd funding campaign more fun

We encourage you to visit our site and look for puzzles that will meet your needs perfectly. We produce these puzzles in bulk and they vary in colour, shape and sizes. Make your crowd funding project thrilling and more fun by using these puzzles. You will not only raise funds but will also entertain the crowd. There is no reason for you not to try out this exciting way of raising funds.

Even if you are running your crowd funding campaign online, we offer different types of crowd funding jigsaw puzzles to be used online.

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